Chris Corso is an Atlanta composer, performer, educator,session guy, and voice over talent.- At least that’s what he’s doing on Monday. 
 Asked if he was in danger of being  a jack of all trades Corso replied:
“One of the things that attracted me to music is freedom.   If I had  to do the same thing every single day I'd go crazy.  I may never be rich, but I love music and all things studio and I've dedicated my life to always try to be the best at whatever I'm doing in the current moment.   Someday I may  work towards ultimately doing just the two things that are my deepest passion: composing and playing Jazz piano.  But  my ADHD side would probably get bored doing just that anyway.   I truly love to do so many different things, and I've got to eat.  So yes, I'm still a gun for hire, or I’ll  gladly put on a monkey suit and play cocktail piano, and I love reading copy -   At least I get to play music for a living or doing any kind of studio work  and for that I’m truly blessed.  I liken myself to the circus guy spinning plates- I  keep as many in the air just in case one falls down!
Throughout a diverse musical career that began with playing piano by ear at age five, Chris has remained dedicated to the pursuit of strong uplifting melodies in his compositions.    Born and raised in New York, Chris honed his writing skills as staff composer at the infamous New York Music Deli. 
He was a featured performer/composer of the Sony artist group, Palomino Duck. Their album Free Flight, is still a regular best seller in the new age market. 
As a performer, Chris toured the United States, Europe, and Asia as keyboardist-vocalist with the Dave Mason (formerly of traffic) band.  Along the years he’s also been keyboardist or music director, with many other notable artists such as:  John Denver, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Temptations,  Mitch Ryder, The Drifters, The Coasters, Phoebe Snow, Peggy March, Kim Hill and many more.
 He ‘s a member of the Atlanta show band, Kid Brothers,  and plays retro-jazz piano with his own popular group of jazz artists known as the Gentlemen of Swing. 
 Chris is a former Music for Media and Recording instructor for New York's Center for the Media Arts, and the New School.  His articles on recording, synthesis, and performance have been published in music magazines like Electronic Musician. 

 As founder of the Atlanta Music Deli (formerly Visual Music), Chris continues to perfect his craft, providing music and voice overs for documentaries, television,  film scores, and  corporate multimedia presentations.    A relative late comer to the voice over business, Corso  almost entered by default:  “many of the clients  I did music for always asked if I did voiceovers.  I was flattered, but a bit hesitant at first - with guys like Harlan Hogan, who is to narration as Charlie Parker is to Saxophone, I didn't think I had anything new to add.  But I’d been around VO people and the business so long perhaps some of it rubbed off, and I’ve always loved everything about VO production.   Being the opportunist I am, I hated to pass up a chance to add to my skill-set, so I dove in head first!”

jazz for hire

artist photo: Kathy Richardson


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